We have the tools necessary for you and your schools needs, whether capturing one or hundreds. We can assist you with everything before, on and after picture day.

The lab's school

With school portrait printing from Daycare and K-12 being our main specialty, we know that we will have the right solution for your studio. We provide several different software solutions and online platforms to meet your needs, or if you would like to just concentrate on taking photos you can just let us do the rest! We will customize a program just for you!

Each school season we offer new green screen backgrounds, styles for traditional portraits, and add-on items to keep your schools and parents looking forward to what you are going to offer next!


School Day Pictures and Photo Books are printed on an HP Indigo Digital Press using Felix Schoeller E-Photo Paper, preserved with a custom UV Coating. We offer an array of configurations for full units, half units and quarter units. All of our configurations include a custom backprint that contains a copyright on each size print.


With tons of products to choose from leave nothing to be desired for your parents this season and all to come. Look back here each Spring and Fall for new designs and last season’s favorites.

Floral and Feather Coffee Mug

5x10 Framed Print - Sleek

Mandala Snap Pack

Gray Metal Keychain

Buffalo Plaid Ornament

Year Magnets


Marketing Material

From marketing to a new school or generating excitement about picture day, we design and print the marketing materials you need.

Data Entry

Our Data Entry Specialists are equipped to handle as little, or as much, assistance as you might need with your jobs. Call The Lab for details.

Color Correction

If you choose, our Color Correction Specialists will analyze and adjust each job to ensure the best quality print. This service is offered free of charge on underclass controlled lighting images.


Our cropping guidelines are built to industry standard for yearbooks, and our team will hand adjust each image to that standard.

Retouching and Artwork

(Regular, Ace, Glass Glare, Braces Removal, Teeth Whitening, Stray Hair Removal)

Extraction Services (include extraction price and background drop fee)

We offer extraction service on Green, White, and Gray Screen. This service pairs well with our large library of background choices.

Backgrounds and Styled Images

We offer a wide variety of backgrounds for your extracted images, and graphic styles to compliment your traditional images.

School Services

We have the tools necessary to serve your school's needs. With over 100 Yearbook and Administrative formats, customizable ID cards and several different sizes of service stickers.

Composites and Class Groups

Class composites and groups are available in a variety of sizes and designs some of which include name on options.



DUC is our in-house solution for underclass and is an essential tool for the photographer who wants to make a larger profit. Both concise and easy to follow, this program allows you to enter your own packages and data entry information using your digital files.

ImageQuix / Blueprint

Run your photography studio smarter with Blueprint! Blueprint's Shopping Cart is the online sales assistant that works for YOU! Easily build custom products, upsell your shoppers, and drive visitors from the most powerful marketing tool in the photography industry. Plus, add on Smart Workflow to help you streamline your workflow, win more deals, eliminate human error, and retain happy customers!


GotPhoto is the all-in-one workflow and sales solution for school and sports photographers. With features like QR card and barcode scanning, password-protected galleries, your own online shop, and automatic order fulfillment by your lab, our automation tools save you time and make your life easier.

PhotoLynx / FLOW

Flow is a capture program that gives you the capability to match and locate student images and data to reprint necessary documents at the school. With its robust layout creator, you can build and print different items such as awards, proof sheets, order forms, and ID cards.

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